I began my career in 2015 as a scientist at the Basset Quantum Engineering Lab developing automation electronics and software to optimize diamond as a sensor for applications in medicine, materials science, and quantum information science.

In 2017, I founded Sapient Industries, a disruptive machine learning IoT company that deploys hundreds of thousands of sensors across the globe to automate the power consumption of everyday electronics.

Shortly after Sapient, I founded Senio— a software tool suite platform for political fundraising that leverages publicly-available data and machine learning to enhance the financial effectiveness of political campaigns. Senio's success led to its acquisition by a non-publicly-disclosed entity in early 2019.

After exiting Senio, I founded Scopex, a boutique strategy and technology consulting firm for rapid-growth startups with deep tech products. Our clients include companies in tech domains such as:

- Rocket engines, Satellites, & Orbital Manufacturing
- Generative AI
- Machine Vision
- AI-Based Financial Underwriting, Analysis, and Securities Trading
- AI Medical Devices

Today, as both an engineer and executive, I split my time between advising companies having raised hundreds of millions in venture capital across an array of industries, and directly engaging with my clients as an engineer and CTO building technology I believe will positively affect humanity as a whole.

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